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Vittu, Saatana, Perkele

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re: T5 tactics - Yakhmar


Disclaimer: Tactic presented here works but might not include all information in detail. Some information might be missing. Might include errors as well. Happy Raiding!


T5 Yakhmar


What is needed for this fight:

  • 6-7 tank spec soldiers
  • AoE DPS (tos, hox, demo, necro)
  • vocal person to shout what the boss is casting


Upon entering the instance you'll see a worm coming and going on the pathway. This is an excellent opportunity to practice active blocking to counter one of the main attacks the boss uses. When you step closer to the worm you get a debuff and if you don't react to it you will get oneshotted. To avoid getting killed you will need to active block for the duration of the debuff, once the debuff is gone you can safely pass the worm and continue down the ramp. This same buff and same particle effect happens later during the boss fight several times, so train your raid so they know the icon, know how to active block and for how long. Don't let anyone go through without successfully blocking the attack and walking away alive!

Active blocking for dummies:

  • weapons out!
  • default button for active block is X, check that before going to combat!
  • you need stamina and/or mana to active block, if you don't have any you cannot active block!
  • you cannot active block in spellweave!


Boss abilities:

Broodcall = summons the adds. four worms spawn on four furthest persons, one for each person.

Freezing Gale = turns players into ice cubes unless they are inside the safety zone (players caught in ice cubes can be saved by destroying the ice)

Tremor = kills players who got turned into ice cubes and were not saved in time

Temper = makes the adds target the boss tank

They Hunger = oneshots anyone who is not active blocking. cannot be avoided by bubbles, immunity et cetera

Yakhmar's Slam = ranged attack. boss does this when its not being tanked or some other shit

Bolts of Pure Ice = starts to appear from 75% and until boss is dead. Three snowballs in the beginning and four snowballs in the later parts of the fight. They approach boss from different directions, not from behind though. Have to be stopped before reaching boss. Run into the snowball and it stops, it does major damage but should be doable by any class, unless it happens to crit.


Important things to remember:

  • do not kite the adds! only the very first adds can be kited since you have to position the raid, every add wave after that got to be tanked and killed in the correct spot to maximize DPS!
  • know when and how to active block!
  • add tanks are not allowed to move when adds are alive, even if you are going to die you DO NOT MOVE! If you move, the worm moves and then the pack is broken.
  • four furthest persons gets the adds on them so make sure that the add tanks are doing this and rest of the raid is in a tight group!


The fight

The raid can go pretty close to the boss so don't be shy. Perhaps best to see it for yourself how close you can go. Position the raid so that one side of the boss is empty. Position the add tanks so that they are the furthest away because first adds will spawn right after activating the boss. Boss tank choice would be DT because they lack bubbles and bubbles are most likely needed when fighting adds. So, have DT's tank the boss but make sure they are able to switch aggro. Two or three tanks for the boss, can drop the third boss tank if things go nicely. Assign one healer for them, perhaps BS or Pom. Boss does light physical damage.


Add tanks are the ones who have tough task, they got to be equipped to withstand heavy physical damage and patience to stand still and get almost beaten to death :) First adds spawn a bit away from the boss because the raid have to take their positions for the coming add waves. When the adds spawn kite them to the raid and let them kill the adds. Now, assuming everyone is alive, position yourself like shown on the drawing, close to the raid in a very tight group to prepare for the real test.


The second wave of adds is the turning point of the fight and it tests the raid if it has enough dps(kill all worms in 15sec or less) and can deal with the raid wiper attack(They Hunger) and continue the fight with no dead players. So this is how it goes down.

- when boss is activated the first adds must be kited to the raid and killed with no casualties

- at 30sec into the fight boss will cast first Freezing Gale and you see the safety zone in which you don't get turned into an ice cube. Everyone in the raid should be safe if you positioned the raid like it was shown in the drawing

- at 50sec boss will summon the second wave of adds and this time the add tanks have to be on position and NOT MOVE. Save all bubbles, Dark Idols, Fangs, Bewilder etc for this set of adds. Nobody can die.

- at 60sec boss will START casting the first They Hunger spell, its a long cast, about 6seconds. Do not active block yet! Have to kill the adds first!

- at 65sec ALL adds should be dead, the whole raid should be alive, out of spellweave and then raid HAVE TO start active blocking. All 24 players got to active block.

- at 66sec into the fight boss finishes casting They Hunger and the previously seen particle effect and debuff icon is visible and if everyone is doing what they did at the very start of the dungeon you have successfully made it through the hard part.

- fight continues with boss casting Freezing Gale again but it won't affect anyone since you are inside the safety zone


After the second wave of adds the fight is pretty much straight forward with the same way of handling things, adds need to be killed fast, tanks need to be kept alive, They Hunger got to be blocked again several times but They Hunger and add spawn should not be so close to each other anymore. What really helps is that you have one of the boss tanks or the healer to call all the spells boss is casting because sometimes majority of the raid is busy with the adds and unable to see what the boss is casting but at the same time they need to know what is happening so they can react to it, this is very important with They Hunger spell because it will wipe the raid.


At 75% boss will introduce a new spell called Bolts of Pure Ice, it is also a long cast so it should be no trouble for the ball catchers to see when to run to stop the snowball. Choose few guys to do this task, can be any class. After you have successfully stopped the snowball quickly return to your position and make sure you are not the furthest person so adds will keep spawning on the tanks and not on you. 


Below is a drawing that hopefully helps you understand the fight better. This drawing shows the positioning when first worms have been killed and the raid is waiting for the second set to spawn. Only thing missing from this picture is the amount of Snowballs later in the fight, it just shows roughly from which direction the Snowballs are coming.





Hate springs eternal in this black heart of mine. Time heals nothing. I'll never forgive, never forget
Vittu, Saatana, Perkele

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Joined: 12 May 2012
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re: T5 tactics - Yakhmar


and here is the kill video. its not pretty but it is our first kill.

Hate springs eternal in this black heart of mine. Time heals nothing. I'll never forgive, never forget
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